Welcome to Let’s Chat, a series of interviews that gives an inside look into industry leaders' inspiring stories and the routines that keep them grounded. This week, we spoke with Louisa Serene Schneider Founder & CEO of Rowan, an innovative service and products company in the ear piercing and jewelry space that provides safe ear piercing and hypoallergenic jewelry.

What inspired you to create Rowan?

When my daughter was born, I thought about taking her to get her ears pierced, and there was nowhere that I felt was safe and celebratory. In addition, I was working at a hedge fund studying malls and I saw a huge opportunity to improve on the tired mall-based experience. As a woman, I saw a huge opportunity where many men in finance did not.

Did you face any challenges when launching your brand?

Many! Ultimately, the ability to raise money and bring a strong team together took many years. The core concept was simple and clear, and as we have grown we have always come “back to basics”.

What does taking control of your health mean to you?

Taking control of your health means being proactive, being educated and making good choices.

What are your three favorite health and wellness products?

Coola sunscreen, Lifeform Yoga Mat, Nuun sports drink tabs.

What is an example of how you have taken your health into your own hands?

Daily yoga and annual mammograms.

What tips/tricks do you practice regularly to stay in control of your health?

Listen to your body - get checked if you feel anything is off. For example, after receiving my results from the LetsGetChecked Micronutrient Test, I found out I was deficient in Vitamin B12. I recently started incorporating B12 supplements into my diet, it was super easy to do.

What does balance mean to you?

Getting enough sleep and 1:1 time with my spouse.

Where does your passion for health come from?

The desire to feel good!