In today’s medical landscape, patients have more options than ever for their healthcare. As a result, improving the patient experience to raise satisfaction has become increasingly important. To do this, providers must be aware of what their patients want, which is more than just quality care. Patients also desire ease, convenience, and choice. Focusing on improving the patient experience can enhance the patient-provider relationship, the quality of care provided, patient retention, and patient health.

As patients continue to expect ever-more convenient access to care, at-home screenings offer a simple and effective way to meet patients where they are and provide them with the quality care they deserve. LetsGetChecked’s at-home screening solutions can help providers improve their patients’ experiences, empowering them to engage in prevention and providing crucial insights into their health that encourage them to take action.

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At-home healthcare for your patients

Integrate LetsGetChecked's at-home healthcare provider solutions into your care program to increase interaction with hard-to-reach patients.

Why providers should care about improving patient satisfaction

As medical costs and insurance premiums rise, patients have become more personally involved in their healthcare decisions to ensure they receive the most value for their investment. Doing so often involves patients comparing the services of different healthcare providers to seek the best possible care experience. As patient needs and expectations evolve, convenience has become increasingly important. Providers can improve their competitiveness by meeting patient demands for more timely and convenient access to care. In fact, a survey by NRC Health's Market Insights of more than 223,000 healthcare consumers found that 51% said convenience and access to care are the most important factors in their decision-making [1].

Patients who have positive experiences with providers are more likely to become engaged in their care and develop a greater sense of loyalty. According to Deloitte, the association of patient experience with financial performance is large, even after controlling for other hospital characteristics that can drive hospital performance [2]. Improving the patient experience can help improve financial performance by strengthening customer loyalty, building reputation and brand, and boosting utilization of healthcare services through increased referrals to family and friends. Patient satisfaction plays an integral role in key success metrics for healthcare providers, impacting clinical outcomes, patient retention, reimbursement claims, and more.

Improve the patient experience with at-home testing

As more patients expect access to convenient and quality care, at-home testing has become a valuable way of connecting them to the care they need. At-home testing offers a safe and convenient way to empower patients and improve their screening experiences to boost patient engagement and retention. Patients who receive at-home testing can receive a more accessible and personalized approach to managing their healthcare, while providers can offer faster medical care and easily engage with patients from the comfort of their homes.

A large majority of people, approximately 76%, are prioritizing ease of access over actual human interaction with healthcare providers [3]. While traditional on-site screening tests have barriers to patient engagement, such as time and location restraints, at-home screenings can meet patients from the comfort of their own homes. Leveraging at-home testing can empower patients to access care when they need it, increasing the likelihood that they will take the appropriate steps to manage their health while easing the burden on providers and making receiving healthcare a more efficient and positive experience.

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How LetsGetChecked can help improve the patient experience

LetsGetChecked’s at-home screening solutions can help providers improve their patients’ experiences by taking a complex, difficult, and time-consuming journey and making it simple, easy, and convenient. With over 100 tests, including ones for biometrics, COVID-19, colon cancer screenings, and more, we can help meet patient demands and challenges.

Integrating our at-home diagnostics and pharmacy solutions into your care program can increase interaction with hard-to-reach patients and access to key tests and screenings. Together we can turn the healthcare experience on its head, making it a more positive and enjoyable experience and increasing patient satisfaction.

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