Biometric screenings are an important component of an organization’s wellness and benefit offering. This tool provides insights into the health status of your population, allowing the identification of high-risk employees and the provision of support to help change behaviors. LetsGetChecked’s at-home Biometric Screenings can create a seamless experience for you and your workforce and improve the effectiveness of your wellness program.

Here are four reasons why employers should consider an accessible at-home health testing solution to elevate their wellness program for their employees.

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1. Improve workforce health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 75% of the nation’s healthcare spending goes toward treating people with chronic conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes [1]. Fortunately, most chronic conditions can be prevented or minimized when caught early. Home biometrics screenings provide employees with insights into their health status that enable better healthcare decision-making.

LetsGetChecked’s at-home Biometric Screening Test offers risk scores and wearable data to help employees understand how their lifestyle affects their health. Knowing and understanding their numbers for glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, and more can help employees prevent small health concerns from becoming more serious.

2. Focus wellness goals

Home biometric screenings can also help organizations focus their wellness programs enabling better population health management. These screenings establish a baseline to help employees test their risk for various health issues. Without this information, many corporate wellness programs do not have the data necessary to develop tailored, effective wellness offerings and programs that meet the needs of their people.

Our at-home biometric screenings provide real-time data that offer vital insights into workforce health, allowing you to better shape your future wellness offerings and programs. The aggregate health result information from biometric screenings can help keep organizations up-to-date on workforce health and help employers assess their health benefits and programs and modify them to meet their populations' needs better.

Generally, healthier employees are more productive and less likely to call in sick or take time off due to illness. Chronic diseases and risk factors reduce workforce productivity by increasing absenteeism, presenteeism, and net negative critical incidents. According to the CDC, five chronic diseases or risk factors—high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, physical inactivity, and obesity—cost employers in the United States about $36.4 billion a year due to employees missing days of work [2].

Biometrics screenings can help employees take a proactive approach to their health and well-being, resulting in a more productive workforce and saving on the substantial costs of chronic diseases and health risk factors. Proactive biometric screenings can preempt unnecessary emergency room visits that save about $2,000 per employee and prevent inpatient stays that can save at least $25,000 per employee [3].

4. Reach and engage more employees

Reaching and engaging employees in on-site biometric screenings can be difficult, with many organizations experiencing dismal participation rates. Convenience is key to boosting screening participation as on-site screening programs cannot meet the needs of a dispersed workforce. The provision of at-home biometric screenings helps make testing more accessible, reaching all employees regardless of where they live or work.

LetsGetChecked’s easy-to-use screening solution meets employees where they are, providing a streamlined, valuable experience that encourages them to be engaged in their health. The more workforce participation and engagement there is, the more valuable population-level data and insight an organization will have to reduce healthcare spending.

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At-home biometric screenings are a great way to improve workforce health, focus wellness goals, lower healthcare-related costs, and increase participation in screenings. Making screenings more convenient and accessible can help members of your workforce take a proactive approach to their health, enabling better health outcomes and promoting a culture of improved health. Contact our team to learn more about our virtual healthcare solutions, or sign up for our monthly newsletter to get curated insights from our team of experts, event invitations, and industry news you can use.

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